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Selling on Handler

We expect lot of new buyers to join Handler every day. So, now is the time to sell. Selling takes time. Some assets sell within days and others take months. When you are filling listing form, it is the most crucial  thing is to list with as much detail as you can. And, don’t forget to update your information when some change occurs. This makes process more quicker.


When you are establishing price, our advice is to determine it reasonably. Have in mind that buyers are browsing for business opportunity, but at the end they are paying for pure performance. Buyers have interest in assets that have striking performance, that are stable and preferably with growing potential.  If buyer is really interested, then he will ask from you proof of it, so on his demand you will need to back up the information on your listing. Handler works to protect both parties. 



Indeed, to sell on Handler, you will first need to establish a Handler Account. You can do it here. Signing up is quick and easy. With your Handler Account, you will be able to list your online asset or business for sale, keep track of selling activity, communicate with buyers and complete a transaction.
Keep in mind that by registering for a Handler Account, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


ID verification

In an effort to make Handler a safe marketplace, we ask that all registered buyers and sellers complete ID verification. 
It is obligatory for every member of Handler Business Platform, during registration process, to complete ID verification process. You may register your Handler account here.

Listing fees

Handler charges a one-off listing fee to list an online asset or business for sale.


Also, Handler collects a  success fee on the sale of your online asset or business. Our success fee is calculated as a percentage of your final sale price.

See our pricing page for more information on listing fees.


Create a listing

Only registered sellers (and buyers, as well) can create a listing. So, firstly you need to register on Handler Business Platform, and after that you will be able to create a listing, among other possibilities.
More details you may find here.


Info required to list

When you are ready to list, you will be asked to choose what type if asset is subject of listing, asset name, asset URL, business starting date, where asset is registered, listing price, location, and you need to choose whether you want your listing to be confidential. Also, later on, during the negotiations process, on buyer demand, you will be obligated to provide info about the number of hours per week spent on the business, annual revenue, annual expenses, and any other information relevant to your business type. More details you may find here.


Setting a price

Determining the value of your asset or business is not at easy task, at all. It is sometimes possible, from the one side, that you have an unrealistic idea of its value based on the time and resources you have invested or a justified emotional attachment to it. Or, from the other side, it is also possible that you may have underestimated its value, being unaware of its true potential.

Our strong opinion is that if you List your online asset or business for sale at a realistic, achievable price, this will certainly give it the best chance of sale. This price may even give your business a competitive advantage because great number of interested buyers can lead to a better result than you have relized.


Methods of listing

Handler Business Platform provides two ways to sell an online asset or business — by auction or fixed priced. What method is more suitable for you depends on several factors, including your online asset or business type, your target buyer and any unique personal element.  

When It is about Fixed-price method, business is advertised with a set price or guide that is open to further negotiations. 

When it is about auction, it is held for 10 days after the business or asset is listed for sale. Definitely. this is a interesting way to generate immediate buyer interest and is usually used as a manner to reach a higher price in a selected period. It is well known that auctions often achieve the best results because they form a feeling of urgency due to the limited number of days that the online asset or business is listed for sale.
In an ideal auction scenario, numerous potential buyers place bids until the price reaches the reserve, which is the minimum price you will accept for your online asset or business. Once the reserve price is met, bidding will continue beyond this until the highest offer is made, at which point the online asset or business will be sold to the highest bidder at the conclusion of the auction period. 


your listing

It is recommended to revise and update  description of your listing. To attract buyer enquiries and to reach the best price, you need to present it in a perfect manner. Great impact is created by a impressible description followed with a nice photo.

Review your price. Of course, reducing the price does not has to be necessarily the answer, but  being stubborn also does not present way of reaching sales goals. If you are, from the one side,  fixed on a number,  in majority of cases it won’t sell your online asset or business. If you are, from the other side, willing to negotiate within a reasonable price range, then it can resolve whole process faster, on mutual benefit. 



It is not uncommon for a seller to want to keep some important information hidden (name, business name, business URL and financial information, etc). If you opt to protect your listing information, you need to check "Yes" in relevant box  when creating a listing. 

Your name, business name, business URL and financial attachments will be hidden from view unless an individual has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in which they acknowledge that the information in your listing is confidential, that it is disclosed for a purpose and that they promise to keep it secret. 

You will be notified by email when a buyer has signed the NDA. It is up to you whether you accept their application and release your details to them.


Amend a listing

You can amend your listing description at any time by sending us an email with changed Listing form. 


your account

At any time, you are in title to change any information that has been given to Handler during your registration and listing creation. 

Just send us an email and we will, if everything is ok, conduct necessary changes and inform you about that.


Buyer enquires

Handler will notify you by email when you receive an enquiry. At this starting point, we will inform you about buyer identity and his offer.

Further actions depend of your decision. If you are in the mood to start negotiations with subject buyer, than we will organize further steps.


Accepting offers

If you have an auction-format listing, there are two ways a buyer can express intent to purchase your online asset or business. Firstly, they can bid on the listing. You can accept or reject a bid. If their bid exceeds your reserve price at the end of the auction period, this buyer will be successful and we will proceed to conduction of further steps to close the deal.
In the case of a fixed price listing, a buyer can place an offer. You can accept or reject the offer. If you accept their offer, the sale will be marked closed and we will proceed to conduction of further steps to close the deal.

It is tricky to know when to accept an offer. At Handler, we recommend that you carefully consider every offer that is presented to you. whether it is a bid in the case of an auction or an offer for a fixed-price.
An offer is certainly always open to negotiation. Your circumstances may also help determine when to accept an offer. For example, you may need the proceeds of the sale to input into a new project.
You may find that a buyer presents an offer to you verbally, via MS Teams, Skype, Zoom, or email. At Handler, we recommend that where possible, all communication with buyers occurs via email. This extends to offers. If a buyer tells you they would like to place an offer, or they make an offer without the Handler knowledge, kindly remind them to place it formally via email with Handler in cc of subject mail.


Entering into a purchase contract

Handler strongly recommends that you negotiate and enter into a written contract specifying the terms and conditions of a transaction prior to the transfer of your online asset or business. To help facilitate a safe, secure transaction and to preserve the integrity of the Handler Platform, Handler provides a template letter of intent (LOI) and sale contract. These documents are made available after you accept an offer.


Post-sale process

Your selling journey doesn’t end when you accept an offer. After an offer is accepted you can discuss the details of the online asset or business transfer or cover any additional questions. Some offers may be conditional on further due diligence or finance.