Stock Exchange

How To Finance Your Idea?

Register your account.

Fill listing form.

Handler reviews received form.

Handler informs you that asset is listed.

After carefully reviewing received Listing form, we are checking whether everything is ok. If we think that something misses, or that it would be better to provide some additional documents, then we strongly suggest to  you to follow up.

When everything is ok, then we are making listing live, and we inform you via e-mail about that.

So, what is next?

Well, potential investors that have shown interest for your business idea will contact Handler, and we will arrange a meeting with you, via MS Teams, Skype, Zoom or any other acceptable platform.

We will act as moderators of such meeting, you will present your idea with more details, and provide to potential investor additional documentation that he is interested in.

The final goal is to assure potential investor in economic justification of your business idea. Handler's job is to assist to both parties towards successful completion of negotiating process.