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If you are looking to develop your idea, research or business with equity financing, you first need to understand which financing option is right for you.

The innovation stage window

The early stage window

The growth stage window 

innovation stage window

This window targets entrepreneurs with a concept or idea that warrants development or researchers who believe their project will yield results.

Accelerators and incubators can offer expertise and backing to help get your idea off the ground.

Technology transfer funds can provide finance and experience in transforming research into a commercially viable proposition.


early stage window

This window targets start-up founders who foresee a high growth potential for their business.

Venture capital funds can combine financing with expertise, business knowhow and access to networks to help your start-up reach its full potential.


growth stage window

This window targets existing business owners who see potential in scaling up their companies.  

Growth capital funds can offer financial backing and knowhow to help scale up your business through export, expansion and digitalization.


So, what is Handler's role in all this?

Well, throughout our platform, we are presenting your idea to potential investors. Of course, having in mind nature of such financing, from the one side, and importance of protection your business interest, from the other side, your idea will be hidden from public traffic, and there is restriction which investor can see it-only investors who register at our website and sign Non Disclosure Agreement. 

Also, prior to all of this, such investor has an obligation to pay a entering fee to Handler. The sum of this fee is to be determined by every single case.