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Significant Rewards For Our Dedicated Members.

Member Privileges

Registered members have possibility to obtain discount on our success fees.  This privilege may be obtained by cumulative fulfillment of the following conditions:

Condition 1:

Registered member informs us via office@handler.business that, upon his recommendation, new specific member will join in Handler community and will create a listing; and

Condition 2:

 If that new member in a period of 90 days from creation of concrete listing sells his asset that is listed through our website, using our services, than 

Condition 3: 

Our registered member who has recommended that specific new member will get 1% discount on our success fee for one asset that is listed and sold through our website, but

Condition 4: 

Difference between sale prices of these two assets (asset of a new member that is sold and sale price of an sold asset of existing member who might be a beneficiary of subject discount) can not be more than 10%.

An representative example:

*Member A (existing member) recommends our platform to Member B (new member). Member B finish registration process and create a listing. If asset that is related to that listing has been sold throughout our platform in a period of 90 days, than Member A has a discount on our success fee for one of his assets that is sold in a future throughout our platform, but only if difference between sale prices is not larger than 10%.